We know you want your drug tests to be accurate, reliable, and fast. And that is what we provide! It is our goal to provide the best drug testing kits, supplies, and lab services at great prices! When it comes to quality and pricing, you can count on InvitroPro!

Hair Drug Test

InvitroPro Hair Drug TestInvitroPro Hair Drug Testing Kit
Our newest product, the InvitroPro Hair Kit is one of the best hair kits on the market! Simply collect enough hair, package it, send it, and then get the results back after a few days. The InvitroPro Hair Test can detect over 35 different drugs!


6 Panel Drug Test Cup

IVP Urine Drug Test CupInvitroPro Drug Testing Cup
The InvitroPro Cup is a 6 panel urine drug screen test that comes in two different configurations. Boasting a leak resistant lid, easy to use, and 99% accuracy; you can see why it is our best selling product!


Dip Strip Drug Tests

IVP Urine Drug Test DipInvitroPro Dip Tests
The InvitroPro Dip is a urine dip test that detect a single drug or up to twelve drugs on a single test device. Our Dip Tests are perfect for testing at home! The single panel dips test for the following drugs individually: Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Opiates. The multi panel tests are for 5 drugs and 12 drugs on a single card.


Who We Are

InvitroPro company information

InvitroPro is distributed by TRANSMETRON. Transmetron is a worldwide distributor of professional drug test kits and supplies. Transmetron has been in business since 2003 and is one of the fastest growing drug test companies in the United States. When you want quality drug test kits and supplies at great prices, InvitroPro is the way to go!