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Drug Testing

InVitro Pro offers a wide variety of quality retail porducts, including: cups, dip strips, and hair tests.

InVitro Pro Hair Test

InVitro Pro Hair Test

Our newest product, the InVitro Pro Hair Kit is perhaps the best hair drug test collection kit on the market! Simply collect enough hair, package it, send it. Pay the additional lab fees (depending upon the drugs you wish to test for) and then get the results in a few short days. This hair collection kit can detect more than 35 different drugs!


InVitro Pro Cup

InVitro Pro Cup

The InVitro Pro Cup is a urine drug test cup that comes in two different configurations. Boasting a leak resistant lid, easy to use, and 99% accuracy; you can see why it is ouir best selling product!


InVitro Pro Dip

InVitro Pro Dip Test

The InVitro Pro Dip is a urine test dip strip that can test a for a single drug (such as marijuana or cocaine), 5 drugs or 12 drugs..


About Us

InVitro Pro LLC is a worldwide distributor of professional drug test kits and supplies. It is our goal to provide the best drug tests at great prices!

The owners of InVitro Pro LLC have been in business since 2003. InVitro Pro LLC is one of the fastest growing drug test companies in the United States.

When you want quality drug test kits and supplies at great prices, InVitro Pro is the way to go!


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